You will hear 5 things that I've learned from "The Elephant Diet".  These are things you'll want to know when you are setting out to accomplish your own goals in life no matter how big or small.

Also, in this episode I share with you upcoming events you won't want to miss and a sneak peek into the next episode!

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Hear two more tracks from the new CD "Portraits Of White".  A special Thanksgiving epsiode.  Short and sweet.

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Listen in as Frances tells you the stories behind the completion of this new Christmas/Winter project "Portraits of White".  You'll hear samples of some of the music and hear the journey of how it all came to be.  

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Listen in on an interview with a very special friend of Frances Drost.  Leslie McKee is a guest artist on this episode and you'll get to hear a song from her that was written by Phil Naish and Lowell Alexander.  Leslie's new song "What Love Looks Like" is featured on the new project "We Are Creative Soul" (Creative Soul Records) with 15 other artists, including "Nobody Sees" - the song featured on episode # 24 with an interivew of Grammy award-winner Phil Naish.

Between the music and the stories, you'll hear some giggles as they reveal some of the quirks of doing music.

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In this very special episode, Frances speaks with Grammy award-winning producer, Phil Naish.  Phil has produced 7 albums for Steven Curtis Chapman and has also produced Michael Card projects along with other well-known artists.  

Phil recently produced Frances' new single "Nobody Sees" and you'll get to hear the first version of this song and then you will hear the magic that Phil created from her home-made demo.  

Phil has also been working on the vocals with Frances for her upcoming Christmas CD project and after days in the studio, they sat back and took some relaxing time to talk about what it's like to do music full time.  You'll even catch some advice if you are interested in doing music full time or know someone who is.

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Frances shares an interesting outcome from her interview with Chris Fabry on the Moody Radio Broadcast back in 2009 (episode # 22). Hear a few songs for some very special children and learn how you can order a special song for someone you love.

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Hear an interview with Moody Radio Host Chris Fabry from 2009.  Get a glimpse into writing songs for children - something I have really enjoyed doing as an artist and how it inspired me to keep going.

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# 21 Gratefulness!

Have you ever considered keeping a gratitude journal? In this episode, I share excerpts from my gratitude journal.  It's helping to change the way I think!  

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Hear various scenarios from the scripture that can keep you from pursuing the fullfilment of your seed.  I include stories from my own journey too.

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Each of us is given a seed of some kind to nurture and watch come to fruition.  This episode continues part 2 of 3 parts from a message I gave at a church in Lancaster, PA in 2012.  I give 3 examples of people who had a 'seed' or 'word' from God in the Bible and what happened in their life in relation to the seed.  I also share the story of the first time I realized that I really had a seed inside of me.

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