I believe we are all born with a seed inside of us.  It might be a seed of music or teaching, etc.  As we discover our seed, we will encounter challenging soils and elements that will threaten to steal the seed.  This message encourages us to HANG on to the seed!  Fruit will come if we stick with it!

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This is the second part of the interivew with Helen Baratta as she shares the tools she was able to gather to help her not only lose weight but keep it off and change in other areas of her life.

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This is a story of not just weight loss in a body, but life change on many levels!  I met Helen Baratta at a Health and Wellness Week at Sandy Cove Ministries and was so genuinely encouraged by her story, that I interviewed her on site at Sandy Cove and captured her story so you too could hear what FirstPlace4Health is doing in her life.   This is Part 1 of a 2 part series.

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Story behind the new single "It's All About The Ride" - yes - I bought a motorcycle!

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